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Eat Your Greens in Indian Food – Saffron Indian Restaurant

Eat Your Greens in Indian Food

When you think of Indian food, you probably imagine rich, aromatic curries, fluffy rice, crispy pakoras, flaky samosas, and fragrant flat breads. A seemingly endless array of delicious dishes, just like the ones we’re proud to serve at Saffron! You might not think of Indian food as a vegetable-laden cuisine, but the truth is, you can eat your greens and also enjoy the rich, complex flavors of your favorite Indian dishes! Let’s take a peek at some of the wonderful creations on our menu that not only help you get your recommended daily servings of vegetables, they’re also considered some of the best Indian food in Cambridge!

Spice up Your Salad!

This might seem like a bit of an obvious one, but when it comes to eating your greens, start your next meal off with salad! The salads we serve at Saffron are a fresh and delicious way to incorporate more veggies into your daily diet. Our vegetable salad is topped off with creamy cottage cheese and flour crisps for that perfect balance of crunch and flavor. For a little extra zest, enjoy our tandoori chicken salad with house-made dressing. If lettuce-heavy salads aren’t your style or you’re eating gluten-free, why not try our cucumber salad? It’s a delicious blend of garden-fresh veggies, topped off with a zesty lime spiced dressing. As you can see, it’s easy to eat your vegetables — and we haven’t even gotten to the main course yet!

Enjoy Pakoras and Samosas

Next in our lineup of veggie-rich appetizers, you’ll find our ever-popular samosas and pakoras. Our vegetable samosas pack quite the punch of produce! All of your favorite vegetables and spices are combined, cooked to perfection, and surrounded by a golden flaky shell. In fact, samosas might even be capable of making a veggie lover out of even the pickiest eater. Another fantastic veggie-based appetizer is our vegetable pakoras. These crispy fritters are battered and fried to perfection, for a legendary flavor your taste buds will remember. The best part? Our vegetable pakoras are also dairy and gluten free.

Make Vegetables the Main Course

When it comes to providing fantastic, veggie-rich Indian food in North Vancouver, curries are key. At Saffron, we’re proud to serve an incredible array of aromatic and flavorful curry dishes, brimming with perfectly-cooked vegetables. Whether you choose a traditional favorite like our flavorful Gobi Aloo cauliflower and potato curry, you’re craving the fantastic taste and texture of our Baigan Bhartha eggplant curry, or you’re looking to get a little bit of everything with our Hari Bhari Sabzi mixed vegetable curry, we’ve got the right veggie curry to suit everyone’s palate.

Craving vegetables? Stop by Saffron today, and sample some of the best Indian food North Vancouver has to offer. If you’d like to bring the incredible flavor of Saffron home, you can order online, or give us a call. We’ll even deliver! Thank you for dining with us.